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AdoptUsKids is a national photo listing service for children waiting for 
permanent families. 
The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption website features information
on working with your employer to provide adoption benefits. 
An online source of child welfare and adoption law information.
Site has a wealth of information on how to adopt and adoption issues as well as information on the Adoptive Families Magazine.
Adoptive Families Magazine will donate $5 to AFCR if you provide them with our code when subscribing or renewing your subscription.  
Use this form for your magazine subscription.
This bi-monthly publication is dedicated to international and transracial adoption.
Has a directory of attorneys that specialize in non-relative adoption.
A great resource for adults who were adopted, adoptive families and, birth families.
It has information on search and reunion.
Lots of information and resources on attachment disorder. 
Conference information is also available.  
Information for parents and problems on attachment disorders.
The Center for Adoption Medicine is run by the University of Washington.  There is a tremendous amount of information on site including: common illness, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and traveling abroad. 
Wealth of information on adoption for all members of the adoption triad.  
The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to raising awareness of domestic & international adoption & foster cares issues with congress and the public at large.
An independent voice for ethical adoption. 
Updates available on domestic, international and foster care adoption. 
The institute has information on adoption policy, research, and works 
with the media to improve the perception of adoption.  
Use this page for Kathy Shea's links on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders    
HelpUsAdopt is a national, non-profit organization that provides grants 
to help individuals and couples adopt. 
IRS document that explains the Adoption Tax Credit which allows you 
to recover some of the fees you have paid to complete an adoption.   
As one of the oldest and largest child welfare organizations.
JCICS is the lead voice on intercountry children’s services.   
A unique, nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting the cultural needs of 
American families with children from Kazakhstan and to teaching children
who live in Kazakhstan about American culture.   
A national organization celebrating & empowering mixed race people and families.  
Dedicated to providing financial support, information and services directly to adoptive families.
Resource for parents and professionals on how to help children who have experienced trauma. 
NOFAS is a national clearinghouse of information on fetal alcohol syndrome    
This site contains information on how to adoption a waiting child in New York State including a listing of approved adoption agencies, information on the adoption process and links to other adoption resources on the Internet.
Advocacy group for adoptive and foster children and their families. This site has information on adoption subsidies, transracial adoption, and how to adopt a waiting child.   
AFCR is a member of AFFCNY
NACAC is an association for adoptive parents support groups nationwide.  Its main focus is on waiting children in need of permanent homes.    
AFCR is a member of NACAC
Pact works with birth parents, adoptive parents and adoption professionals focusing on children of color having permanent homes.    
This site contains information on adoption, support, child photolistings, articles and resources. The Free Stuff section has multicultural activities for children, adoption advocacy materials and a template for the family tree school assignment.  
Specialized in books on adoption and infertility    
This site has information on immigration laws and policy as well as forms and directions for completing immigration of an internationally adopted child.
State Department site includes information on international adoption with country specific information and travel tips.
Other Parent Support Organizations
500 Balltown Road, Schenectady, NY 12304
Parent to Parent of NYS is a resource for families of individuals with special needs 
and the professionals who serve them. 
The PNCR provides resources and support for parents of special education children, and helps facilitate relationships between these parents and school districts.
Social events, including playgroups, are announced via email. Visit the Get Involved page to learn how to join AFCR’s email lists. 
Information on AFCR’s workshop policies and workshop locations can be found below, followed by upcoming AFCR events.
AFCR’s workshops are usually held at these two locations:
  • Colonie Community Center - 1653 Central Ave, Albany
  •  The Colonie Community Center is 1.2 miles west of Wolf Rd.  The Auditorium is in the left wing of the building.  The East Lounge and Room 8 are in the right wing of the building.  
  • The Colonie Community Center is across the street from Lake Electronics.
  • McKownville United Methodist Church - 1565 Western Ave, Guilderland. The church is between  I-87 and the entrance to Crossgates Mall.  The parking lot is behind the church. Use the stairs on the left to access the meeting rooms.
Workshop policies
  • Workshops are free and open to the public.
  • Reservations are not required with the exception of some cultural events.
  • Children of all ages are not allowed at evening workshops unless specifically stated in the event description.  Children are welcome at social events.
  • If a workshop needs to be canceled due to bad weather AFCR's voice mail 518-763-8019 will be updated.

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